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Thinking about visiting The Lord's House with us? Here are a few things to expect.

  1. This is God's House, not our own and He desires all people. Come as you are. We have people that come in suits & dresses as well as slacks and jeans. Whatever you are comfortable in, come. Just be reverent to God and respectful to your neighbor.
  2. We are a liturgical church and we use the hymnals. If you are unfamiliar with the hymnal and our services take a gander at them before service begins and find the hymns, the psalms, and the service setting. Please give a polite nudge to the person sitting next to you if you need some help. They will be glad to help! (PS check out the prayers in the front cover of the hymnals as you prepare for Worship.)
  3. All ages are welcome in our services! Don't be shy or bashful with your children. Let them be children. Squawking and wiggling is definitely allowed and not looked down upon at all.
  4. Bathrooms are in the church basement past the kitchen and to the right.
  5. Services usually last about an hour. Please join us for coffee and fellowship afterwards!